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Blogger Don Iannone said...

So very true, Dan. What a wonderful way to communicate this message! Thank you.

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Blogger Dan said...

Yes indeed!

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Blogger Don Iannone said...

From Conscious Living: Our Old Friend Bringing Us Together

Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Re-connecting with an old friend...

Dan (Danny) Shimp and I talked yesterday. 43 years is a long time, but also a short time in terms of the heart's clock. It was a wonderful conversation. So rich! We talked about the past, present, and future and we agreed it is good to remember old times. It grounds us and re-stokes the heart fires. We also agreed life is about one thing really...Now!

Lesson: True friendship once created, never dies and never grows old. I am thankful for Dan and what we shared together as kids following our hearts onto baseball diamonds, into old coal mine shafts, teasing the bull in the cloverfield, walking along a stream re-enacting ancient scenes when the woods was filled with Indians, and many other things. Summers were special times because it was our time to do what we wanted to do in life. Everyday should be summer. Don't you agree?

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Monday, February 02, 2004
Passed along to me from a very old friend...

Flee and
Are no more:
All are empty dreams
Devoid of meaning.

The vagaries of life
Though painful,
Teach us not to cling
To this floating world.

If at the end of our journey
There is no final
Resting place
Then we need not fear
Losing our way.

No beginning
No end;
Our mind
Is born and dies:
The emptiness of emptiness!

In this world
All things, without exception,
Are unreal:
Death itself is
An illusion.


Dan Shimp of Santa Fe passed this special poem on to me and I pass it along to all of you. It's wonderful. Much to ponder about what we hold onto in life. Thank you, Dan.

As background, Dan and I shared several special summers together in the early 1960's in Martins Ferry, Ohio, where I grew up and where his grandmother lived. We played together from dawn to dusk. What wonderful memories.

Dan and I rediscovered each other after 40+ years. Can you imagine? Dan did an Internet search on "Martins Ferry, OH meditation groups" and my name popped up on his computer screen. He made his way over to Conscious Living and sent me an email, which I just replied to.

Life is a gift. Celebrate it every day. I am thankful for the Martins Ferry part of my life, and thank Dan for helping me to remember the good times.


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Blogger Dan said...

Thank you, good Brother. Another four years has passed under the bridge since we reconnected. A whole high school's worth of time. It sure seems to flow much more quickly these days, and yet, the timeless essence is more and more recognized.
I'm glad for your friendship in and out of time.

10:10 PM  
Blogger Don Iannone said...

And yours Brother Dan. I like that...a whole high school's worth.

8:30 AM  

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